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Breeding Healthy, Beautiful, Well tempered fur-ever pets


50/50 Cross of Retriever and Poodle

  • Mini's are 28-35#.  *Standards are 45-60# full grown

  • Light shedding

  • Sometimes more drive then any other cross, being that they are 1/2 Retriever

  • Coat is typically flat-wavy, not curly 

  • Not recommended for those with allergies

  • My favorite of all our breeds. There is a distinct personality difference in that an F1 cross has more Retriever. They are Loyal, gentle, playful, yet smart and confident like the poodle. 


25% Retriever 75% Poodle
Cross between an F1 Goldendoodle & A Poodle

  • Mini's are 24-30#  Standards are 45-60# full grown

  • Minimal, to almost unnoticeable shedding

  • More mellow, and independent, yet playful and sweet.

  • Coat is typically wavy/loose curl-curly

  • Good for those prone to pet allergies

  • Both the Mini & Standards alike have a very lap dog personality. They enjoy walks, running and goofing around, but are a sucker for that couch or lap.


15-20% Retriever (depending on the F1b) and atleast 80% Poodle
F1b Goldendoodle & Poodle cross

  • Standards are 45-60# full grown

  • Almost no shedding

  • Personality is usually much like the F1b Doodles, playful, funny, smart and a lover of chill time. 

  • Coat is typically curly-poodle like, occasionally the retriever genes kick in and the coat is looser

  • Good for those prone to pet allergies

  • F1bb doodles aren't just a poodle. They still have an obvious gene streak of Retriever in that they are loyal, playful and gentle. They "look" more poodle, but are just as fun as any other of the doodle cross.


25%Bernese Mountain Dog 75% Poodle

  • Mini's are 25-30#  

  • Minimal, to almost unnoticeable shedding

  • BMD calm, gentle, sweet, mellow personality mixed with aloof, smart Poodle traits, WIN WIN! 

  • Coat is wavy/loose-slightly curly

  • Good for those prone to pet allergies

  • Great fit for those that love the Goldendoodles, but need alittle less active. Bernedoodles are affectionate, sweet, gentle, smart and a tad bit lazy,=Mellow!


50/50 Cross between Poodle & Cavalier King Charles

  • 15-22# full grown

  • Minimal, to slight shedding

  • Cavapoos are sweet, loyal, quirky little pups. Fast, funny and lovable, who thrive on attention and love from their owners. 

  • Coat is generally wavy, with almost no tight curls

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